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On Sat, 30 Nov 2002, Mark R. Muto wrote:

>Hello all,
>After years of goofing around with leftover PCs and Frankenstien
>combinations of older hardware, I decided to give RedHat Linux 8.0 a new
>PC of its
>own. I purchased a brand new 1.8ghz Pentium 4 PC from Dell (whitebox
>equivalent of Optiplex GX260). The system has an Intel D845GBV
>with 512MB RAM, 40GB IDE hard drive, integrated audio, video & nic.
>I installed RedHat 8 and the video won't work properly. I can't seem to
>figure out where to get the drivers (Redhat?,Nope. Intel?, Nope. Dell?,
>Forget it...) or even how to adjust the video so that it displays
>I'd hate to run it down at basic 640x480 VGA, but I can't get the GUI to
>work well enough to change to that either. The 845 chipset was correctly
>ID'd by the GUI installer, so I don't know what the problem is.
>It's always been too much work to get Linux running, but I've always
>that I've not given it a fair shake. Now I've got a system that would
>any version of Windows superbly. I've made the effort and the
>and I'm getting pissed off. Please help me if you can.

First step is always to check what the chipset actually is (you say it's 
an i845).
Second step is to check and see if the version of XFree86 supplied with 
the distro has drivers for the chipset (for Red Hat use "rpm -q 
XFree86", in general use "X -version", then look at the Driver Status 
documents  In your 
case the distro-supplied version of XFree86 doesn't contain drivers.  
You'll have to download XFree86 source code and build your own - which 
is easy "make world; make install".  You can find out how to do all this 
and much more by using Google to search for information and reading the 
docs on the and websites.

If you use Google to search the archives of this list then you'll see 
that several people have discussed the exact same question.

Oisin Feeley


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