Re: Video Card Configuration

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Hi Filiep,

Why invest $'s in a new version to try it out. Linux is FREE. That's the
idea. Download a free distribution and then try your H/W out.
I am not answering on details in your inquire.

BG Hans.

At 17:13 2002-11-30 -0600, Chelli & Filiep wrote:
>I have a generic video card with a S3 chipset (yes it's authentic). The chip
>is labeled
>S3Trio64V2/DX (86c775). The card has 1M of memory and I'm trying to run Suse
>Linux 6.1 (yes it's old but I didn't want to invest more $ before I could be
>that the system will work). The Xfree86 system has a help file dated 1998
>(no clue
>which version). When I start X86config I get a screen with a 720x800
>resolution so
>the card works Ok.
>I have tried and tried and tried some more but whatever I do the X system
>will not
>start with an S3 chip selected. I get errno 111 'can't connect'. After
>having selected
>SVGA and a generic chipset the system runs but with a 320x200 resolution so
>that I
>can't even see what the congratulations message says. Also KDM is useless
>with this
>kind of resolution.
>Before the system was working with the SVGA settings (which I don't see to
>be able
>to undo) I tried to start KDM and got the message that the system had
>detected a
>Sigma designs RealMagic 64/GX chipset. I have not found this card or chipset
>anywhere in the  X86config program.
>Does someone have an idea how I can solve this without buying a new video
>btw I only have an internet connection on my w95 machine.
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