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I posted some stuff a few days ago asking about getting a mobile 9000 working 
on FreeBSD. I have tried all the things that have been suggested (plus some), 
but to no avail.

Since then, I have replaced FreeBSD with Mandrake 9.0 (I didn't want to do 
this to be honest - I really wanted to use BSD, but I simply can't affort the 
time to get X working on it, and I really NEED X). Anyway, what I'm getting 
to is.....

I have now managed to get my 9000 working in VESA mode. It doesn't run too 
bad, but if you can tell me what you did to get your 9000 working (in '9000' 
mode), then I would be really greatful. I tried selecting 'radeon' in the 
Drakxconfig when I installed Mandrake, but when I tested it from within the 
config tool, it told me it couldn't find the hardware. I also tried selecting 
the ATI driver too, but no good.

After installation, I played about with the X config manually to try and 
improve things, but again, no good - it can't find the hardware. It's 
definitely bringing in the radeon driver (and the ATI one), I've tried 
forcing a ChipId of 0x4242 (which I believe is the 8500) and 0x4c66 (which is 
what scanpci returns for my 9000), but it didn;t work. By the way, can 
someone tell me what the correct syntax for 'ChipId' is ?...

ChipID 0x4242 .... doesn't work - syntax error reported in config file
Option "ChipID" "0x4242" ... no syntax error but doesn't seem to do anything 

X has also reported on occasion (on startup) that "You have a valid 
configuration, but it's not listed in the *" (* = sorry - can't remember the 
name of the file !!! ...PciConfig or something like that). Anyway, I have 
tried in the past (with BSD) to add the 0x4c66 chip id to this and it didn't 
work (mostly because I couldn't select the radeon driver, but that's another 
story - see previous posts - "Where is the the radeon 9000 ???"

Anyway, sorry to go on...

If you could post up your Xfree config or something, that would be great !! 
Or any info at all !!!


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