Re: X Clipboard Xtremely Broken

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On 26 Nov 2002, Erik Moeller wrote:

>whenever I try to paste large amounts of text (>10000 bytes), e.g. from
>an editor (irrelevant which one I use) to a browser (also doesn't matter
>which browser I use), I get big problems. It doesn't matter if I use
>PRIMARY or CLIPBOARD, the pasted text just doesn't arrive. In Mozilla I
>just get a long delay and nothing happens, in Konqueror even stranger
>things happen, such as random characters appearing in the paste area. I
>also get the "random characters" effect in Opera after some testing. The
>only thing that tends to work well is pasting within the same
>application. Some applications even lose their clipboard contents when


What distribution and version are you using?  I know there are strange 
artifacts with Red Hat 8.0 where "emdash" and accented characters like 
the French accent acute will prevent proper cut-n-paste.

Oisin Feeley


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