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I am fairly new to re-bulding xfree 86, (Ok REALLY new) and I am currently running RedHat Linux 8.0. I have been rebuilding everything I can get my hands on to better run on my server and Xfree86 is next on my hit list. I have noticed however that it appears to completly lack documentation in every way so I was wondering if anyone could point me to some specific sites that cover it's basic config. I want to change things like the CPU type and so on. I am NEW to the xfree86 build so bear with me if I sound tarded on some of the issues.
Does anyone know where I can get this info? I just got the Kernel tweaked to the max, sped things up but xfree bogs down quiet a bit.

Joshua L. McDowell
The State kidnapped my daughter, wanna read about it? Visit my website at http://geocities.com/joshmia2001/


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