X Clipboard Xtremely Broken

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whenever I try to paste large amounts of text (>10000 bytes), e.g. from
an editor (irrelevant which one I use) to a browser (also doesn't matter
which browser I use), I get big problems. It doesn't matter if I use
PRIMARY or CLIPBOARD, the pasted text just doesn't arrive. In Mozilla I
just get a long delay and nothing happens, in Konqueror even stranger
things happen, such as random characters appearing in the paste area. I
also get the "random characters" effect in Opera after some testing. The
only thing that tends to work well is pasting within the same
application. Some applications even lose their clipboard contents when

Are these apps all broken, or are there more fundamental bugs/design
flaws in the X clipboard mechanism? Is there anything I can do to make
this work as it should? (Note: I tested this behavior on different
machines with different Linux distributions and different X server


FOKUS - Fraunhofer Insitute for Open Communication Systems
Project BerliOS - http://www.berlios.de


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