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On Sunday 24 November 2002 06:13 pm, you wrote:
> Eureka!
 Take out the Record module as it could be straining X's
> memory buffers, tempting a crash.

> Also, unless you really need a frame buffer, I suggest leaving it out.

> > Section "Screen"
> >         Identifier "Screen0"
> >         Device "nVidia Corporation|NV25 [GeForce4 Ti4200"
> >         Monitor "CustomConfiguration"
> >         Option  "NvAgp" "1"
> I realize you were told to /not/ insmod agpgart.o, nor include it in
> /etc/modules.conf, but this is only because when you use /Option
> "NvAgp" "3"/ X loads the system's agpgart.o /then/ tests to see if it
> will
> work.  If not, nVidia uses it's own internal agp support.  The only
> difference is that you get a performance boost if the system uses it's
> own
> agpgart.o since it's less strain and traffic on the video card if the OS
> handles refereeing the AGP port.  This is especially true on SMP
> systems as most nVidia cards are single GPU themselves and you'll get
> a better match with the SMP nVidia driver kernel and an SMP system.
> Lastly, the README for the nVidia kernel driver requires that the
> OS kernel should be set up to provide agpgart support /as a module
> only through agpgart.o/ and should /never/ be complied into the OS
> kernel itself.

NvAgp options 2 or 3 result in Xsession lockups when I run glxgears.
Options 0 or 1 exhibit no such hangs.

> Make sure you also include the /Option "Accel" "1"/ underneath /Option
> "NvAgp" "3"/ to insure XAA is running unless your CAD software says
> to turn off this option.
> Lastly...
> <Snip...>
> > Section "DRI"
> >         Mode 0666
> > EndSection
> This section shouldn't even be here as nVidia's README instructs you
> remove the DRI module listing from the Module section.  DRI doesn't yet
> support nVidia cards.  In fact, it could be the major source of crashes
> as
> rendering is already supported in the nVidia kernel driver and it's
> fighting
> with X's internal DRI which isn't loaded.

> I hope this helps.

This has all helped at least in that I've learned a lot. Perhaps agpgart is a 
problem due to the fact that the system was installed with a pci vidio card 
and agpgart is not configured correctly?
	One more question if you don't mind: After taking your advice to this point, 
I seem to have a fairly stable X configuration. My last problem is that fast 
zooming with my scroll wheel in my Pro_Engineer application sometimes crashes 
it. No more X session crashes, butloosing data can be a bit aggrevating. Are 
there options that can be set for my logitech Marbleman+ trackball? It is 
configured as protocol "IMPS/2"
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> - Michael D. Beams

Regards, Ernie
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