Help: Installation of Video / Sound / Modem Drivers - RH Ver 8.0

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I am a newbie to Linux and have been on and off trying on RH 7.1 in my
old machine since 4 months, yet not confortable. Now, I have assembled
a new machine in lieu of my old machine.

Yesterday, I had successfully installed RH Ver 8.0 in my machine.

My Machine Configuration is as follows:

P4 1.7
Intel D845GLLY Mother Board
with integrated Sound and Video
Samtron 56v 15" Monitor
Logitec Optical Mouse...

I have the following problem,

1. X Configurator auto deducted my on-board Video Card by installed
the i810/815 Chipset Video Drivers I think... due to which, the X when
started distorted image appears on the screen.., but I am able to
login, the resolution is such that the fonts are too big and
everything id out of focus in the monitor.

2. The Sound test was performed in the final stages of installation,
but the sound did not play on testing the same.

3. I am using a DAX 56k External Modem, which was also not deducted by
Redhat Linux...

Everything is working fine in my Windows 98 SE Boot. The GRUB also got
installed without any problem providing the option of Dual Boot
between RH Ver 8 and my Windows 98SE.

I was completely planning to convert to RH Linux but these problems
somehow keeps me away from getting on to Linux.

I tried the Intel Web Site and Google for help but did not find much
help, Intel site does not have any drivers for the same in their

Any help is highly apperciated. Also, let me know how to install the
drivers and configure the same to work correctly with RH Linux. First
hand experience is an added value to sort out my problem.


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