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On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, N Sriram wrote:

> Yesterday, I had successfully installed RH Ver 8.0 in my machine.
> My Machine Configuration is as follows:
> P4 1.7
> Intel D845GLLY Mother Board
> with integrated Sound and Video
> 40 GB HDD
> Samtron 56v 15" Monitor
> Logitec Optical Mouse...
> I have the following problem,
> 1. X Configurator auto deducted my on-board Video Card by installed
> the i810/815 Chipset Video Drivers I think... due to which, the X when
> started distorted image appears on the screen.., but I am able to
> login, the resolution is such that the fonts are too big and
> everything id out of focus in the monitor.
If you were using Red Hat 8.0 then you CAN'T have been using Xconfigurator 
because it doesn't exist in the distribution.  The appropriate tool is 
"redhat-config-xfree86".  You need to read the release-notes and the 
manuals included in your distribution. 

All the rest of your questions are inappropriate for this mailing list 
which deals with XFree86 configuration problems also.  As you are 
concerned with Red Hat 8.0 you may wish to subscribe to the Red Hat 
mailing list for this distribution here:
If you do decide to subscribe, make sure that you read the information 
about _unsubscribing_ and save your password, because quite a few people 
don't seem to figure this out.

Oisin Feeley


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