Re: "X" frozen pointer in i845 driver

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I haven't been able to fix this problem for this moment. We will make the 
master HD today and will offer an update as sood as the RPM comes to us in a 
stable version
It is sais to appear in December. It will also appear in the next RH 

I have tried to disable double buffering, dri, glcore, glx, v4l.... but no 
solution. The "X" appears right in the moment gnome says "Loading 

In your case, does it only happen when logging as a plain user? In my case 
it doesn't appear when logging as root.

We cannot move to kde, gnome was offerted in the initial conditions and it 
is very personalisez for the end-user.

Thanks for your time, I will tell you if I find something.!

Eduardo Gimeno.
IBM - Spain

MSN. Más Útil Cada Día


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