Re: Monitoring the status of your own patches on patchwork?

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On Mon, 13 Dec 2021 16:48:37 +0100 Toke Høiland-Jørgensen wrote:
> > Status notification when checks are failing? Hopefully not, we don't
> > want people posting patches just to get them tested...  
> Well no, but sometimes a patch will have failures despite the best
> efforts of the submitter (otherwise what's the point of the checks?).
> Right now the only way for me to discover that there's an issue is to go
> look at the patchwork web interface, and I wanted something that better
> suits my workflow (i.e., that's not in a web browser).

I think that the maintainer should notify the submitter about 
the reason the patch state was changed (with the exception of
patches for a different tree, maybe). I know Kees has been 
trying to add more meaningful states to patchwork but I can
never guess the meaning of those either :S So no automated
state checker can replace the maintainer's reply.

> I wasn't asking for patchwork to send out automatic notifications
> (yikes!), I just wanted to know if anyone else had done something
> similar before I go play around with the patchwork API myself... :)

Despite the promise of "best effort" I fear such automation.
It's pretty common in (let's call them) modern workflows to
submit PRs / post changes just to get them tested by a CI.
We don't want to give people the impression that the mailing
list can serve this purpose.

Obviously I can't stop you from writing your local code :) 
just trying to widen the perspective.

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