Re: Monitoring the status of your own patches on patchwork?

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On Sat, 11 Dec 2021 20:06:00 +0100 Toke Høiland-Jørgensen wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I was wondering if anyone had any nifty tricks or utilities to help
> monitor the status of your own patch submissions on a patchwork
> instance? Things like getting a notification when a patch changes status
> or when one of the automated checks on that particular patchwork
> instance fails for a patch you submitted?

Status notification when checks are failing? Hopefully not, we don't
want people posting patches just to get them tested...

> I can just filter the patchwork web interface to my name, of course, but
> I would like something that can be automated so I can make the stuff I
> care about show up in my inbox :)
> Many thanks in advance!

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