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On Thu, 17 Jun 2021, Stefano Stabellini wrote:

> But newcomers often complain that it is too difficult to configure their
> company email to work with git send-email and the LKML. Things such as:
> - the company only offers Outlook as a client
> - the company automatically adds the annoying disclaimer at the end of
>   every email ("IMPORTANT NOTICE: The contents of this email and any
>   attachments are confidential and may also be privileged...")

AFAIK Linux Foundation is currently in the process of setting up a e-mail domain for kernel developers (hosted by that 
doesn't suffer from any of the above.

So either the employer wants to be recognized in the commit / LKML 
messages, and they are able to get their mail systems to behave [1], or 
they are not, and then people will eventually be able to use LF-provided address, and cast an indirect public shame on their employer by 
doing so :)

[1],, @suse.[de,cz], you name it .. that's 
    exactly the reason for existence of those email domains

Jiri Kosina

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