Re: RFC: Github PR bot questions

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On 17/06/21 17:16, Mark Brown wrote:
Won't this just end up reimplementing a lot of stuff that we already get "for
free" from Github and other forges? Yes, I know Github is proprietary, but so
are many SMTP gateways used to send the patch series. I don't see how what
the GH bot would do is different from:
I think part of the concern here is that people have some standard
expectations for how projects they work with on Github are going to
function so if people end up using Github to submit patches we may end
up with some culture and process mismatches which could cause issues.

This is true, and it's why I liked the suggestion of a bot that auto-closes the pull request but still 1) removes the need for the submitter to set up "git send-email" and 2) only does the send after basic checks for Signed-off-by and the like (checkpatch is already a bit borderline).


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