Re: bnx2 issue?

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Andy Gorev wrote:
Hello gurus.
Please help me explain following problem.
I have IBM blade HS21 with SLES 9.3 and last vanilla kernel 2.6.21 (also trying from distro with similar problem).

ifconfig eth0 up
ping - all is ok in this step

ifconfig eth0
vconfig add eth0 1
ifconfig vlan1 up

After that I have only one route through vlan1
ping - destination host unreachable

What can be problem here? bnx2 module or 8021q? My Nortel configured with vlan 1. While ping is running I can see that arp-replies didn't pass from eth0 to vlan1.
Vlan 1 is often a bad choice because switches use it for management traffic..
try vlan 2-4094 instead and see if that fixes the problem.


Ben Greear <greearb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Candela Technologies Inc

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