bnx2 issue?

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Hello gurus.
Please help me explain following problem.
I have IBM blade HS21 with SLES 9.3 and last vanilla kernel 2.6.21 (also trying from distro with similar problem).

ifconfig eth0 up
ping - all is ok in this step

ifconfig eth0
vconfig add eth0 1
ifconfig vlan1 up

After that I have only one route through vlan1
ping - destination host unreachable

What can be problem here? bnx2 module or 8021q? My Nortel configured with vlan 1. While ping is running I can see that arp-replies didn't pass from eth0 to vlan1.

tcpdump -ni eth0:
arp who-has tell
arp reply is-at ....
arp who-has tell
arp reply is-at ....

tcpdump -ni vlan1:
arp who-has tell
arp who-has tell
arp who-has tell

I hope that my NIC is BCM5708S.
Iptables disabled, modules loaded, etc.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Andy Gorev
IT System Engineer
Testing Support Sector
SITRONICS Telecom Solutions, Czech Republic a.s.

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