RE: Mixing tagged and untagged vlans using via-velocity driver

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> Without looking at the source code I guess the hardware has 
> the ability to put in a vlan tag, and remove a vlan tag so 
> the kernel sees an untagged ethernet frame.
> Usually this can be turned on and off.
> Looking at the source code you have to explicitly turn it off 
> using enable_tagging=0.
> Anyway: It seems this driver does not support the vlan code 
> in the kernel, so you have to use the soft version.

Yes, you are correct. This card has built-in support for vlan tagging. I am
passing enable_tagging=0, but it doesn't help. I just tried the same setup
using a 3c905C card and then it works perfectly (this card does not support
hw vlan tagging).

Are you refering to vconfig when you talk about "soft version" or am I
missing something?


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