[VLAN] MTU problem with kernel 2.4.29 and tulip driver

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Thanks Ben,

Would the tulip driver patch for 2.4.19 found on your website work with 
2.4.29? The only reject I got is from interrupt.c. It looks like the reject 
is due to a misalignement on the first line of that patch.

Also do you know of any way to test MTU problems. Should I just use ping with 
a large payload?

Do you know of any way to force a Windows client to adjust its MTU 
automatically (apart from tweaking the registry), for example an option in 



On Wednesday 15 March 2006 12:12, Ben Greear wrote:
> Pascal DeMilly wrote:
> > William,
> >
> > Thanks for answering.
> >
> > The problem that our VLAN users are experimenting is that when
> > downloading or uploading large file, the connection will drop. Some users
> > have difficulties login on their hotmail account.
> >
> > In the same building, we have another VLAN switch connected to an Intel
> > board and the same machines connected to this switch, will not experience
> > that problem.
> >
> > So my feeling is that it is either a problem with the card or with the
> > tulip driver. I am currently trying to drop the MTU on some of those
> > machines and they seem to work better.
> >
> > Since I am using the latest kernel 2.4.29, I am wondering if the tulip
> > driver included is patched. Hopefully it is not an hardware problem, but
> > I used 2 different cards, one a simple linksys and the current quad port
> > card AEI-P430TX with the same behavior.
> >
> > Pascal
> I don't think the tulip patch was ever accepted by the kernel maintainers.
> My suggestion is to use an Intel chipset NIC instead.  If you need 4-port
> adapters, you can get a 4-port Intel 10/100/1000 NIC from newegg.com for
> around $450.
> Thanks,
> Ben
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