the "s" command: option so it also saved the wee YOU-ARE-HERE drawing too?

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The little tree that trn (4) displays, that depicts the
current neighborhood we're currently "at" in the thread --

doesn't seem to take up much room (since it's been turned
on its side), and is *extremely* useful (at least to me).

Would *really* be nice (and useful!) if there was an option
to have the "s" (save) sommand always write out that little

Why so useful?

One reason is when you get to an interesting thread, but you're
a bit late, and maybe 2/3 of the articles in the thread
are depicted as expired, gone.

If that diagram is there in the saved-articles file (via the
"s" command), then later when we take time to *study* that
thread, and we find that it's actually far *more* interesting
(and that we *need* to understand the neat stuff that's being
said and taught) --

well, as it is now, ie *without* that tree-diagram, we have
*no clue* that lots of the thread was already missing when
we first saw it.

(Nor do we have any idea of sub-threads branch off.)

Not knowing that likely-important articles are missing,
we don't know that we should go to deja-vue or google
or wherever it is now.

WITH the picture, we know *exactly* what's missing, plus
its "context" within the thread (tree).

So, for some uses, and for some people (maybe *you*, some day),
it'd be really nice to have the trees available not only at
"run time" (ie while running trn) but also much later, at
"study time"! 

QUESTION to anyone who knows the code:  How big a deal
would it be to write-out that tree along with the
article (at the "s" command)?

One hour?  Two?  Five?  (perhaps even more?)



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