Re: trn's nifty partial and full trees of thread's nodes: how to "s(ave)" them too?

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According to David Combs  <dkcombs@xxxxxxxxx>:
> If you're using trn4 on a technical site, eg comp.unix.solaris,
> and are saving lots of msgs (to eg News/Comp.unix.solaris), you really
> need at least the partial (ie local) tree-picture to make sense
> of the by-definition linearized series of saved posts for a
> given thread.
> It'd have the same purpose within that long file that it does
> interactively while first traversing the tree, seeing the
> articles for the first time.

I'm not quite sure if this is the answer you're looking for, but the
mail agent "mutt" threads my saved news threads just fine. (I save in
mbox format.)


Steve Greenland
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