trn's nifty partial and full trees of thread's nodes: how to "s(ave)" them too?

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If you're using trn4 on a technical site, eg comp.unix.solaris,
and are saving lots of msgs (to eg News/Comp.unix.solaris), you really
need at least the partial (ie local) tree-picture to make sense
of the by-definition linearized series of saved posts for a
given thread.

It'd have the same purpose within that long file that it does
interactively while first traversing the tree, seeing the
articles for the first time.

What'd be nice to have are two comands, one to save
the current "partial" tree (from the upper-right part of
the screen), and one to save the *full* tree.

That way, given appropriate use of those commands,
reading the eg News/Comp.unix.soslaris file, reading the (saved parts of
the) thread can
at least somewhat duplicate the experience
of originally looking at the thread via trn.

I don't know what others used the ~/News/- files for,
but for me they're documentation-for-a-rainy-day, usually
stuff that exists in no book or doc *anywhere*.  Invaluable

Comments, please?


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