Re: TRN: remembering marked-items on NEWSGROUP page, eg ":T+"?

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On Fri, Mar 18, 2005 at 10:43:17AM -0800, Wayne Davison wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 05:07:26PM -0500, David Combs wrote:
> > Sure would be nice if we could do the same
> > for the "choose-a-newsgroup-to-view" page,
> > especially when you've got a bunch of
> > groups to choose from (in .newsrc);
> The idiom selected for newsgroups was to let the user create custom
> group lists for different purposes.  For example, in your .trn/access
> file, you'd define any news sources you need (or just use the default
> source) and then define multiple "Group" numbers, like this:
> [Group 1]
> ID = default
> Newsrc = ~/.newsrc
> Add Groups = yes
> [Group 2]
> ID = default
> Newsrc = ~/.fun-newsrc
> Add Groups = manual
> [Group 2]
> ID = default
> Newsrc = ~/.work-newsrc
> Add Groups = no
> You can then use the multi-rc selector to select which set of groups
> you're interested in.  You can also use the regular group-adding
> mechanisms to select new groups and add them to those sections.
> ..wayne..

Thanks, Wayne.

You're saying, I think, that I can't treat newsgroups the same
way I treat threads within ONE newsgroup, correct?

So, to do what I want, group together some groups to look at
TODAY -- versus some *different* set of groups I want to (tomorrow) 
choose to look at when tomorrow comes around, then what I'd do
is to create a "junk" group, and simply add newsgroups to
that, then tomorrow to *destroy* (perhaps) that (junk) group,
and redefine it to be some new set of newsgroups?

Is that a workable scheme?  (or maybe I understand nothing
at all on this subject?)


And, what's this "multi-rc" selector?  (Heck, what's an "rc"?)


Today, if I merely "mark" various newsgroups (just as I'd mark
threads in the thread-selector), does that info get saved
anywhere, eg in some default "group"?


Just looked, no .trn/access file.

Is there any more-up-to-date doc on trn -- or even parts
of trn -- than that "trn manual" written eons ago by that
professor somewhere?

(ie, where to read about this stuff?   Yes, I will peruse
that (ancient) manual too).

Thanks for all the help!

(There's more to this trn than meets the eye!)


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