TRN: remembering marked-items on NEWSGROUP page, eg ":T+"?

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Sure is nice to be able to go through page after
page of a given group's threads, just marking
them, and then memorizing that set of items
to be of-interest, via ":T+".

(For purpose of later browsing those threads.)

Sure would be nice if we could do the same
for the "choose-a-newsgroup-to-view" page,
especially when you've got a bunch of
groups to choose from (in .newsrc); I
have some 500 groups (most of which I'll
look at a couple of times a year just
to see what's happening there).

QUESTION: there must be a reason why this
hasn't already been designed-in, since it's
so obviously parallel to doing threads of
a given group.

Probably, at least way back then, a *good*
reason.  Anyone remember what it was?

Also -- how much work would it take to add
it to the groups page?  Is there already
code and callable-functions that could be
lifted for the purpose, or would one have
to start out with a blank piece of --- er,
a blank screen?



PS: *WHO*, if anyone, is *doing* trn-maintenance/hacking
these days?

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