Re: trn 4.0-test7*: messed up newsrc on server glitches

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On Sat, 13 Dec 2003, Marco van Loon wrote:

> > I can only confirm this bug, and it indeed seems to happen when the server
> > (or the connection with the server), for one reason or another goes away
> > while trn is running.
> Nah, in those kinds of cases trn 4.0 test72 just hangs (kill -9 needed)
> for me; I don't seem to experience absurdly high article numbers in those
> cases.   Using my crappy ISP newsserver I've experienced trn lockups
> because of crashed connection a few dozens of times, but not a single
> time 'absurdly high article numbers'...

That's where there is a difference: I'm using the latest one, test76. And
I can certainly it's an improvement over what I was using before that
(test74 of 75). Try it.

> Well, I seem to remember once telnetting to a newsserver and getting
> too high article numbers in response to a GROUP <newsgroup>, so maybe
> our problems are not exactly the same...
> I think I'll compile test76 or CVS with DEBUG turned on and run a while
> like that to see if that results in useful info.

At least you'll get a lot of NNTP logging, which is sometimes very

> > (Still a quite happy trn user, since there's nothing better to be gotten
> > for reading news..)
> Yeah, I agree: trn for reading and posting text messages and downloading
> binaries (with nget as backup for quirky servers etc.) and my own shell
> script for posting binaries is all I need for usenet. :)

Yup. Wish it would be updated a bit to remove the biggest bugs, but as it
is now it's (still) very useable, and the best tool for reading text-news.
For binaries I'm not sure it's the best, but it's certainly useable...

Best regards,


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