trn 4.0-test7*: messed up newsrc on server glitches

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I haven't gotten around to upgrading from trn-4.0-test72 to a newer version,
but unfortunately trn doesn't contain a Changelog listing changes between
the test7* versions where I can see if upgrading would fix my problem:

On infrequent/erratic occasions I've apparently had newsservers acting 
a bit weird, resulting in things like the following in my newsrc(s): 1-1075286495
alt.binaries.sounds.anime: 1-1075286495

After that, the only solution is to remove everything after the ":"
and mark all previously read articles as read all over again... :(
I've had had those problems before with , but recently
it also happened with 2 or 3 times. :(
It's a real PITA to have to 'reset' the read articles like this when
using pay-newsservers with their long retention times. :(

IIRC, I once telnet-ed to the nntp port of one of the newsservers and found 
that it indeed reported article numbers bigger than 1 billion in its
'group <newsgroup>' info before returning to working correctly, with its 
previous article numbering, a day later.

Marco van Loon

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