UTF-8 help please?

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Hi everybody!

Recently I upgraded my RedHat 7.x box to 9. Apparently, RH9
is all UTF-8. In the evolution mailer I can now see all that
SPAM in proper Chinese or Russian glyphs...

The downside of that I noticed when visiting some German
newsgroups using trn4-test76 in a gnome-terminal (as I've been doing
for a long time). All the umlauts had gone and were replaced with
question marks. Articles in question had the correct content-type set
(iso8859-1) and were using the correct encoding for the characters
(e.g. 0xfc for ü, or u-umlaut).

In fact, when saving the articles to file and viewing them with less
everything looked ok, so the terminal and terminal font are still
able to render the glyphs.

Curiously, the LANG environment variable is now en_AU.UTF-8. Changing
it to C or en_US before starting trn doesn't seem to help. I also
re-configured and re-made trn, against all the new versions of libs
on RH9, but it didn't help either.

How can I get my umlauts back in trn?


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