Re: UTF-8 help please?

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I am no a RedHat expert, but my gut feeling is that you can try
another LANG settings. First, see your *.utf locales:

  % locale -a | grep -i utf

and then find something like en_US.utf8, univ.utf8 or C.utf8. I hope
setting LANG to one of this values will help.

Good luck!
Regards,						|       /^^^\
	Yury						|     (| , , |)
							|      |  *  |
E-mail: yury.burkatovsky at telrad dot co dot il	|       \_-_/

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Steffen Kluge wrote:

> Hi everybody!
> Recently I upgraded my RedHat 7.x box to 9. Apparently, RH9
> is all UTF-8. In the evolution mailer I can now see all that
> SPAM in proper Chinese or Russian glyphs...
> The downside of that I noticed when visiting some German
> newsgroups using trn4-test76 in a gnome-terminal (as I've been doing
> for a long time). All the umlauts had gone and were replaced with
> question marks. Articles in question had the correct content-type set
> (iso8859-1) and were using the correct encoding for the characters
> (e.g. 0xfc for ü, or u-umlaut).
> In fact, when saving the articles to file and viewing them with less
> everything looked ok, so the terminal and terminal font are still
> able to render the glyphs.
> Curiously, the LANG environment variable is now en_AU.UTF-8. Changing
> it to C or en_US before starting trn doesn't seem to help. I also
> re-configured and re-made trn, against all the new versions of libs
> on RH9, but it didn't help either.
> How can I get my umlauts back in trn?

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