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Hi fellow trn-ites,

    When I read articles in a long thread (e.g. one with hundreds of
posts) the order in which I read the articles is not what I'd
consider very useful (I use "^N" to go to the supposed next
article in the thread).  For example, if I can see the following
in the mini-thread display :



For a start, the article marked "*" is the first one in the group of
articles there that I'm reading.  The next article will almost certainly
*not* be the article immediately to the right of the *-ed one,
but probably some other random location in the thread.

I'd much rather read them in something like the following order
(1 = first read)


Or even something like this :



I realise sorting the threads in some way would be hard, but
surely even a partial sorting would let me read articles 
mostly in order.

Any ideas ?  Am I missing some configuration or threading
option somewhere ?


(david.cook at pobox.com)
(in Melbourne, Australia)

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