Addition of my e-mail to the global KILL file

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After some tips I received on this list, I recently added my own e-mail
adress to the global KILL file, set the environment variables to point to
that KILL fil, and also added the '-f' option to the list of parameters
which are passed to trn.

However, I have now run into a new problem with this: when re-entering a
newsgroup trn seems to be applying the global KILL file to this group, but
it never stops:

6 more articles have arrived -- processing memorized commands...


But after it's done that, it rechecks the group, finds some more new
articles and prints out:

14 more articles have arrived -- processing memorized commands...


And it never leaves this loop, because new articles have arrived by the
time it has finished applying the options. Even Ctrl-C doesn't help, I can
only stop this by killing trn (Ctrl-\).

Any ideas on this list on how to fix this?

Best regards,


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