Re: Addition of my e-mail to the global KILL file

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Patrick Vervoorn <> wrote:
: Hello,
: After some tips I received on this list, I recently added my own e-mail
: adress to the global KILL file, set the environment variables to point to
: that KILL fil, and also added the '-f' option to the list of parameters
: which are passed to trn.
: However, I have now run into a new problem with this: when re-entering a
: newsgroup trn seems to be applying the global KILL file to this group, but
: it never stops:
: 6 more articles have arrived -- processing memorized commands...
: /
: But after it's done that, it rechecks the group, finds some more new
: articles and prints out:
: 14 more articles have arrived -- processing memorized commands...
: /
: And it never leaves this loop, because new articles have arrived by the
: time it has finished applying the options. Even Ctrl-C doesn't help, I can
: only stop this by killing trn (Ctrl-\).
: Any ideas on this list on how to fix this?

I use the -K option to avoid trn fetching more news after I've entered a

       -K   is  used  to  keep  a  trn from checking for new news
            while you're in the group.  Use this when your  kill-
            file  processing  is  so slow that you don't want the
            group to expand while you're reading.   If  you  only
            want  specific groups to be affected, put these lines
            into your kill file for the group(s):


Maybe that one helps.

  Lars J

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