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Latest progress on my Autodconf fork is that I've modernized the code
a bit (obsoleted use of index/rindex/bzero/bcopy/bcmp by replacing them
with strchr/strrchr/memset/memcpy/memcmp), and gotten the new config.h
set up with enough variables so my Debian Linux system builds the
trn, inews and trn-artchk apps.  Many config.h values are still bogus
though so I haven't dared try to run trn yet, except for trn -V.
Focus now will mainly be on the configure script, so I can start removing
the old obsoleted-to-be Metaconfig files, and then on getting all files/
components installed in the right places.

BTW, I've added the trn FAQ to the archive (doc/FAQ.part[12]).  Some
amusing stuff in there :)

: in pseudo code:
:  when "D" is pressed
:   if mode=thread_selector then
:      pretend "&+o^JD" was hit
:   else
:      pretend "D" was hit
: (These are in fact sideways pictures of gorillas in clown outfits in
: four different states of inebriation.  The fact that they make trn do
: something weird and wonderful is a particular piece of brilliance on Mr.
: Davison's part  ;-) Just like in the Olden Days when your name performed
: some magical sequence of operations in TECO, we can feed the smiley
: dictionary to trn's macro processor and see what different smiley faces
: evoke strange and useful behavior. "I didn't like to use smilies at
: all," says Jethro Bodine of Beverly Hills, CA, "until I found that the
: sideways grinning cheshire cat smoking a cigar smiley actually causes
: trn to kill all posts mentioning Dave Rhodes.  Great work, Mr. Davison!")


  Lars J

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