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On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Booker Bense wrote:
>- Trn was around way before tin. It was an extension of the
>original rn which was one of the very first widely available
>newsreaders. Or at least it was the only one I ever saw before
>about 1991 or so.
>>If I'm right about scoring -- basically I have never needed the scoring
>- Trn has had scoring available for nearly ten years now. I suspect I'm
>the only person using it.

Yeah, I know that.. But it was "swiped" from slrn, right?
again, a compare/contrast between slrn and trn would be nice, if anybody
here has used both significantly.

>- Trn and rn have always been the same program, you just got a different
>behaviour depending on how you set it up.

No they haven't, you said so yourself in the first quoted paragraph above.

>>Also, shouldn't trn 4.0 go "final" some eon?  Can't some half-finished
>>features be removed or documented that way or somesuch?  We've been using
>>it for years and years and years..  It'd be nice just to say it's 4.0 final..
>- Trn is basically abandonware at this point, I don't think anybody's
>seriously hacked at it in the last 8 years. If you want all these support
>things you'll either have to organize them yourself or pick a more supported
>news reader.

That still doesn't explain why it doesn't go "final" in the state it is now
or (slightly?) modified..

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