Re: Why are we still using trn?

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On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Chris Yoder (kernel) wrote:

> Simple.  because for someone who likes using low speed terminal window
> style access, it is the most effective and simplest way to read News.

I agree with Chris, trn gets the job done very nicely.  I like to read my
news via a terminal from a remote source so that my .newsrc info is
preserved regardless of where I am reading.  For example if I used a GUI
newsreader on my wintel box at work and then read news later at home I
wouldn't have a matching list of read articles without undergoing some
sort of gyration.  Also as things stand now the news server I access is a
third party (no feed here), thus the NNTP authentication in trn is very 
important to have.

And even if there wasn't the whole factor I find most GUI newsreaders for 
wintel to be very clunky, especially in a situation with a slow 

Today I do prefer using trn in threaded mode - even though I "cut my 
teeth" using regular old rn I find it expedient given the level of traffic 
in the groups I read.  I am aware of the trn scoring feature but prefer 
not to use it, I don't mind seeing the thread subjects that aren't killed 

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