Re: Why are we still using trn?

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On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 01:01:25PM -0500, David Sewell wrote:
= With the (relative) burst of traffic on this mailing list, I thought I'd
= ask folks the question in the message subject. The old farts among us
= can remember the ancient days when trn was unseating tin as the
= newsreader of choice (at least that's the switch I made), but these days
= I'd guess that among people who used text-based newsreaders in a *nix
= environment, slrn has >90% of the usage. Just checking
= on my server right now, I see 134 posts about slrn
= and 1 about trn.
= I try out slrn every now and then but never seem to get captivated by
= it. It doesn't seem to have the lightning-fast ability to select,
= deselect, and junk using regex expressions on a variety of criteria that
= trn4 has. (Maybe I'm wrong; I've never explored all of slrn's feature
= set.) I don't like split-window display of newsgroup subjects and
= message text, so I'm happy with a program that is either at group level
= or in the article text. And of course I'm lazy enough not to want to
= switch if there's no strong reason to.
= Others?

i came to trn, pretty much the same way, via rn and then tin.
moved to trn because of its true threading, multiple news server support
and the thread picture you get in the top right hand corner.
tried out scoring for a while a few years ago but the lack of
documentation and the fact that (at the time) it didnt really seem to
do what i wanted anyway put a stop to that.
as to why i keep using it?  i havent found anything better, it does
everything i want and it never fails,

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