Re: Why are we still using trn?

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On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Denis McKeon wrote:

> Looking at the changes.txt file from a 1999 version of the slrn docs,
> scoring was added to slrn at version - but I don't have a date
> to match with that version number.  For trn, run `head -38 trn.c` and
> we see that 'rn' was started just over 20 years ago:
> /* This software is copyrighted as detailed in the LICENSE file. */
> /*  trn -- threaded readnews program based on rn 4.4
>  *
>  *  Author/Maintainer of trn: (Wayne Davison)
>  *  Maintainer of rn: (Stan Barber)
>  *  Original Author: lwall@sdcrdcf.UUCP (Larry Wall)

Which should of course remind us that another reason for using trn is that
it is the One True Newsreader by Usenet apostolic succession.

I was googling just now for old newsgroup articles related to rn/trn and
ran across a couple golden ones by Chip Salzenberg (who was way off on his
estimate of when the whole world would be on the Net) and Larry Wall:

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