Re: Why are we still using trn?

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Booker Bense <bbense@SLAC.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
: - Every now and then I'm tempted to switch to using GNUS mode in
: emacs, but I've got way to many trn commands hardwired in my
: hands. I hear good things about mutt if you want to go the combo
: news/mail route.

Mutt does news?  I use mutt for mail (allways thought pine looked disgusting,
so I went the elm->mutt route).  For news I went first tin, tried xnews, wrote
my own Motif-based reader called Hugin (never really released), tried slrn,
and then trn.

The thread tree view, tree navigation, background fetching of old article
indexes, and that I'm using vi for editing is why I have stuck with trn.
Never tried rn.

: >If I'm right about scoring -- basically I have never needed the scoring
: >feature.
: - Trn has had scoring available for nearly ten years now. I suspect I'm
: the only person using it.

I often find scoring-files under my .trn-directory.  I have no idea how I
use scoring though (or why I should), but I apparently do scoring from time
to time ;)

: >Things I wish trn had, in no particular order:
: >* Better makefiles/build rules.
: >
: >* Simpler configuration.
: >
: >* Better documentation -- maybe this exists, I dunno..
: >
: >Also, shouldn't trn 4.0 go "final" some eon?  Can't some half-finished
: >features be removed or documented that way or somesuch?  We've been using
: >it for years and years and years..  It'd be nice just to say it's 4.0 final..
: - Trn is basically abandonware at this point, I don't think anybody's
: seriously hacked at it in the last 8 years. If you want all these support
: things you'll either have to organize them yourself or pick a more supported
: news reader.

I'm *this* close to cleaning up/modernizing the trn repository.  I don't have
write access to the repository though, so that makes it that much harder.
I want to move to autoconf/automake, and move the source files into a subdir
and whichever other cleanups I see fit...

Moving files with cvs causes you to lose their history unless you do it on
the repository side.  If I could therefore get a tarball of the repository
files and work on that instead of on a cvs checkout, I would be a lot more
motivated to do the work, and I could set it up separately at
for those who want to see/comment on the progress.  It would just be a fork
until the trn-developers agreed that the new setup was complete and superior
to the existing one and then move/migrate it back...

The current build system is actually keeping me from looking at the trn
sources too much because I want to avoid having to go through the configuration
process again to make a new build ;)...

  Lars J

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