Re: Why are we still using trn?

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From: (Denis McKeon)

> I switched from readnews to rn (a 1985 pre-trn rn), then to trn,
> (Trn version: 4.0-test74 (May 26, 2000)) which does 95-98% of what I want, 

> What David said.  Heck, for mail I'm still using:
>     MuSH (Mail User's Shell (7.2.6 beta(5) 10/07/98))

Giggle - I'm using Trn version: 4.0-test76 (Apr 2, 2001).
and Mail User's Shell (7.2.6 beta(5) 10/07/98)


I use trn because it does what I want it to - message selection files (aka
KILL files) with regular expressions that I can use to select messages that
I do or do not want to see, ascii only interface (so I can use it via
telnet sessions), relatively fast (except for some of my stupider 
kill files...), only crashes once every 6 months or so...

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