Re: Why are we still using trn?

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David Sewell <> wrote:
>With the (relative) burst of traffic on this mailing list, I thought I'd
>ask folks the question in the message subject. The old farts among us
>can remember the ancient days when trn was unseating tin as the
>newsreader of choice (at least that's the switch I made), but these days
>I'd guess that among people who used text-based newsreaders in a *nix
>environment, slrn has >90% of the usage. Just checking
> on my server right now, I see 134 posts about slrn
>and 1 about trn.

I wouldn't use n.s.r as an accurate measure - some NUAs have large
followings there, other popular NUAs are rarely mentioned.

I switched from readnews to rn (a 1985 pre-trn rn), then to trn,
(Trn version: 4.0-test74 (May 26, 2000)) which does 95-98% of what I want, 

>And of course I'm lazy enough not to want to
>switch if there's no strong reason to.

What David said.  Heck, for mail I'm still using:
    MuSH (Mail User's Shell (7.2.6 beta(5) 10/07/98))
so if I haven't switched to mutt, why would I switch to slrn?
(Okay, I also use NS 7.0 Messenger for attachments & such.)

That said, it would be nice to see trn migrate to a more modern
configuration process for the source code - once I got used to 
running ./configure for various packages and finding that I could
usually trust the results I was quite happy to let some #ifdef and
Makefile arcana slide into a dark recess in the back of my brain.

I don't expect Wayne or others to spend much more time and effort in
return for the thanks of a grateful community - but is anyone aware of any
methods or projects which would facilitate the transformation of a large
body of old #ifdef'd code into a more modern (./configure) packaging?

Denis McKeon

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