Re: Why are we still using trn?

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In regard to: Re: Why are we still using trn?, Larry W. Virden said (at...:

>I use trn because it does what I want it to - message selection files (aka
>KILL files) with regular expressions that I can use to select messages that
>I do or do not want to see, ascii only interface (so I can use it via
>telnet sessions), relatively fast (except for some of my stupider
>kill files...), only crashes once every 6 months or so...

Wow.  I've been using trn exclusively for news reading since the early
3.x days, and I don't believe I've *ever* had any version of trn (even
the -testNN versions) crash on me.

It's been nice to see the traffic in this thread, but I have to say I'm
surprised by the number of people that dislike the build configuration.
I too prefer the GNU autoconf-generated configure scripts, but the
`metaconfig'-generated Configure script isn't as bad as people are
making it out to be.  If it were, no one would ever be able to get
perl to compile... ;-)

You folks do know that you can

- pass arguments to `Configure' to get it to run and take all the defaults
  and not ask you any questions (assuming the defaults are all acceptable)

- you can pass in settings for just about anything via the `-D' argument
  to Configure

- you can use hints files to clue Configure in about stuff it would
  otherwise get wrong.

- you can use `config.over' to override any setting that you want.

- you can easily find what you need to tweak by running Configure once and
  looking at the  For example, try doing

		./Configure -des

and answer the one question it asks you about your Organization, using
a distinctive string like

	Does Not Exist

Then look through `' for your distinctive string, and find what
variable got set to that.  Then do

		make spotless
		./Configure -des -Dorgname='Your Real OrgName Here'

Although quoting can sometimes be tricky, you can override any of the
hundreds of variables that get set by Configure and written into, using the -D on the command line or a hints file.

Configure is not *that* much worse than GNU configure...

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