Re: trn and INN: unrecognized commands

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On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 11:32:09AM +0100, Patrick Vervoorn wrote:

This is how trn probes the server to see if thread files are available
(the binary data files that trn used to use for group-summary info).
If the command fails it knows that there are no thread files around.

Whether trn looks for this is settable on a per-source basis.  You can
affect the global default by editing the lib/trn/access.def file,
uncommenting the [default] section, and tweaking the values to your
hearts content.  The one that affects this probe is this line:

    Thread Dir = none

You can also set it in your ~/.trn/access file for each news source.
(FYI, all this info is pertaining to trn 4, not trn 3.)


This is probably caused by a really old NNTP client from the days when
the MODE command was an extension command.  A modern trn shouldn't be
generating that command, but I don't remember if a really old version
might have sent it or not.


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