trn and INN: unrecognized commands

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I'm using trn incombination with an INN newsserver, and on the stats page
of the INN server (the 'Unrecognized commands' page) I found the following

   NNRP unrecognized commands (by command):

                            Command        Count
                            XTHREAD DBINIT     3

These 3 counts are, confirmed, generated by trn (i.o.w. myself): does
anyone know what is happening here, and why trn generates this command,
and also why INN doesn't recognize this command?

If there's a fix, where should it be implemented: trn, or INN?

Less regular, and I'm not really sure this is generated by trn, since in
this log file another client was also generating these messages is the
following command:


What's the cause of this?

All this with: 'trn-4.0-test76' and 'InterNetNews NNRP server INN 2.4.0
(20030106 prerelease)'

Best regards,


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