Re: trn and INN: unrecognized commands

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Le jeudi 16 janvier 2003 à 11:32, d'après
Patrick Vervoorn <> :

[Nota: I didn't sent this answer to the INN list, as I'm not subscribed]

>                             Command        Count
>                             XTHREAD DBINIT     3
> These 3 counts are, confirmed, generated by trn (i.o.w. myself): does
> anyone know what is happening here, and why trn generates this command,

There's a question about compiling support for this in trn's Configure,
but I found several years ago that even when answering negatively, the
support was compiled in anyway.

My fix was (and still is) very simple. Add the following line:


to config.over, rerun Configure and recompile trn.

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