Re: trn error!?

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On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 04:02:11PM +0100, Patrick Vervoorn wrote:

>> Does it only happen on that one group?  If so, my first bet would be
>> that the server is sending corrupted overview data in some fashion which
>> is confusing trn.
> It hasn't happened ever before, and I'm using trn (though not exactly this
> version), with this newsserver, for several years now.
> It hasn't happened since also, but I found this such a weird error, and
> something which the trn-authors found necessary to include, that I decided
> to mail this to the trn-users mailing-list, hoping someone could use it..

I've never seen it before, myself; I had to find the error in the source
to figure out what it meant.  Unfortunately, if the error isn't still
happening, there may not be much chance of debugging it... though I bet
something in the data was confusing one part of trn into thinking it
was clear to send another command, when it really wasn't (and the rest
of trn knew it).


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