Re: (shrinking saved news): which header-lines to KEEP?

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David Combs writes ---
>On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 02:46:22PM -0400, William W. Arnold wrote:
>> A quick check through one of the groups I read shows that
>> the headers are ~40% of the total size.  This doesn't matter
>> if you have 1 message per file, since the average size is
>> less than one block per message.  But if you're putting a
>> number of messages in one file (ie, mbox format) it can make
>> a significant difference.  (says someone who did this when
>> he was in school, with a very restrictive quota)
>Thanks for the 40% info.  

Of course, another group I read has slightly less than 1% headers..
(binary group :-)

>Now, in his header, which lines, *specifically*,  
>would you KEEP?  
>To EASILY show what'd you keep, perhaps just copy (within
>your replies (plural, please, guys)) this 
>entire, huge header down to the end, and then simply
>delete *from that* everything that
>*you* (and you, and you, my fellow trn-workers listers) 
>would toss.

I found that a really good first pass was to remove
1) all Received: lines
2) all X-  lines.
That's usually more than half of the available savings right there.

If I was going all the way,
I'd probably strip this down to:

>From  Wed Aug  7 14:26:57 2002
From: (Mike Castle)
Subject: Re: (shrinking saved news): which header-lines to KEEP?
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Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 10:58:25 -0700

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