Re: (shrinking saved news): which header-lines to KEEP?

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In article <>,
David Combs  <> wrote:
>So, I'd like to remove most of the header-lines,
>to save disk-space, also to make paging 

I can't believe that removal of a few header lines is going to make that
much of an impact when compared to the message body.  Considering that most
file systems base usage (and quotas, if that's your concern) on blocks use,
not bytes used, unless you manage to remove enough bytes to shrink it down
by a block, you're not really going to achieve any savings.

>through the messages a lot more pleasant.

Personally, I suggest saving in mbox format, and using mutt (or any other
mail reader) to view it.

>What about Message-ID?  What's it good for?
>    (it's local to the isp?  or globally valid and usesful?)

They are supposed to be globally unique for 2 years (both mail and news).

>References:?  (for rebuilding threads?)


>Return-Path:?  (I assume not).

Useful if you later decide you need to try to report some sort of abuse.

>Article: 248453 of comp.unix.solaris
>Newsgroups: comp.unix.solaris
>Organization: - Before you buy.
>X-Article-Creation-Date: Thu Jan 27 20:52:33 2000 GMT
>X-Http-User-Agent: Mozilla/4.04 [en] (WinNT; I)
>X-Http-Proxy: 1.0 (Squid/1.1.22) for client
>X-MyDeja-Info: XMYDJUIDqbrinkman
>Xref: mindspring comp.unix.solaris:248453

For this post, for instance, I might consider cutting this bit.

That'd save 390 bytes.  That's over a 50% chance that you'd save a block of
disk usage on this message.

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