Re: (shrinking saved news): which header-lines to KEEP?

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Mike Castle writes ---
>In article <>,
>David Combs  <> wrote:
>>So, I'd like to remove most of the header-lines,
>>to save disk-space, also to make paging 
>I can't believe that removal of a few header lines is going to make that
>much of an impact when compared to the message body.  Considering that most
>file systems base usage (and quotas, if that's your concern) on blocks use,
>not bytes used, unless you manage to remove enough bytes to shrink it down
>by a block, you're not really going to achieve any savings.

It depends on the messages you receive/groups you read.
A quick check through one of the groups I read shows that
the headers are ~40% of the total size.  This doesn't matter
if you have 1 message per file, since the average size is
less than one block per message.  But if you're putting a
number of messages in one file (ie, mbox format) it can make
a significant difference.  (says someone who did this when
he was in school, with a very restrictive quota)

>>What about Message-ID?  What's it good for?
>>    (it's local to the isp?  or globally valid and usesful?)
>They are supposed to be globally unique for 2 years (both mail and news).

The origional Usenet RFC (1036) specified "may not be reused
during the lifetime" of the article with a recomended minimum
of 2 years.  All of the drafts for the updated RFC specify
globally unique forever.  And in practice all widespread
implementations have used globally unique forever.


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