Re: (shrinking saved news): which header-lines to KEEP?

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On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 02:46:22PM -0400, William W. Arnold wrote:
> Mike Castle writes ---
> >In article <>,
> >David Combs  <> wrote:
> >>So, I'd like to remove most of the header-lines,
> >>to save disk-space, also to make paging 
> >
> <snip>

> A quick check through one of the groups I read shows that
> the headers are ~40% of the total size.  This doesn't matter
> if you have 1 message per file, since the average size is
> less than one block per message.  But if you're putting a
> number of messages in one file (ie, mbox format) it can make
> a significant difference.  (says someone who did this when
> he was in school, with a very restrictive quota)

Thanks for the 40% info.  

So, it is worthwhile to shrink them down; thank you.

Below, I include Mike's email -- the header to it,
that is; his header is especially long and, seems
to me, worthy of trimming (yes, I do keep them stored
all in one file, eg "trn-workers").

Now, in his header, which lines, *specifically*,  
would you KEEP?  

(remember -- over the years, I'll accumulated, via explicit
per-message saves (via mutt),  *hundreds* of these.  

And for eg comp.lang.perl.misc, *thousands* (some very, 
*very* clever stuff in that newsgroup.))

And here comes that monster header, just below; but
first, this:

To EASILY show what'd you keep, perhaps just copy (within
your replies (plural, please, guys)) this 
entire, huge header down to the end, and then simply
delete *from that* everything that
*you* (and you, and you, my fellow trn-workers listers) 
would toss.

Or, no copying to do, just prepend a "KEEP" to those 
lines you'd keep?

Now, here it is:


>From  Wed Aug  7 14:26:57 2002
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In article <>,
David Combs  <> wrote:

Thanks, everyone!


PS: note how in mutt the "h" command toggles
the header *as-seen-ON-SCREEN* between
actual-header and a much-shorter version (makes
it easier to see the actual message-text) --
HOWEVER, that toggle has *no effect* on
what gets saved via the "s" command -- which
always outputs the *actual* header.

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