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On 05/23/02, at 3:27pm -0700, Wayne Davison <> wrote:
>On Wed, 22 May 2002, Nick Leverton wrote:

>>I get almost nothing but spam from these lists

>I hadn't noticed that the spam was coming through the version of the
>address names. I've disabled the forwarding of these addresses into the
>sourceforge lists, so hopefully the spam will decrease now.

>As for making the lists only accept postings from subscribed members,
>that would only be possible if I change the lists to not be nested.
>I.e., people currently subscribed to the workers list would have to
>explicitly subscribe to the users list and the announce list.

Here's a suggestion:

1) Only you have permission to post to the trn-announce list.

2) Redirect trn-users to a moderated list, set up volunteer team.

3) Trn-workers, only subscribers may post, bounce nonsubscribers to volunteer

4) New posting address for subscribers to trn-users that's unmoderated.

By moderating posts to trn-users, you maintain your objective of allowing
ordinary users to ask questions without subscribing first.


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