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On Wed, 22 May 2002, Nick Leverton wrote:
> I get almost nothing but spam from these lists (trn-{workers,users}

I hadn't noticed that the spam was coming through the version
of the address names.  I've disabled the forwarding of these addresses
into the sourceforge lists, so hopefully the spam will decrease now.

As for making the lists only accept postings from subscribed members,
that would only be possible if I change the lists to not be nested.
I.e., people currently subscribed to the workers list would have to
explicitly subscribe to the users list and the announce list.  I have
also wanted to keep the mailing lists open since I have it listed as the
contact address in the latest trn (having people mail the list, even if
they're not subscribed, means that more folks can potentially help with
an answer).  It's also a hassle for people to post from alternate email
addresses to the list, and for people who want to use an email alias
that "bursts" into multiple people on a local machine.

So, if the spam persists, we may need to move to a member-posting-only
list, but I hope to avoid it for now.  Let me know if you disagree.



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