Looking for a patch for article saving

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I have a problem for which I'd love to locate or implement a solution
Before I start thinking about hacking, I thought I would ask to see if
something is already here.

I often select a series of articles and do one save of the group to a file.
Unfortunately, when asked for a file name, I occasionally type in a name
that not only is wrong, but at times could never be right.

In these cases, trn has no mechanism that I've found to tell it to stop
asking me about things .

(the same problem exists when getting into the mode of being asked whether
I want to subscribe to new newsgroups - if it turns out that 300 newsgroups
were created over night, I'm stuck answering all these prompts).

I'd love to find some way to tell trn, when its asking me a question, 
'PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW and return to the state right
before the questions began'

Any ideas?
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